Queen Elizabeth II will not go to Scotland, leading to uproar

Queen Elizabeth II will not go to Scotland, leading to uproar

The Queen of England has left for Glasgow where COP26 begins next Sunday in the context of the strong tension between the North and the South.

COP26: Seven out of 67 countries confirm their participation in Glasgow summit

COP26, an international conference organized each year by the United Nations, will open in Glasgow next Sunday and run until 12 November.

Unequal access to vaccines, tests, but uncertainties about the duration of the quarantine… Many delegations and civil society representatives from southern countries are struggling to get to Glasgow, or even have left it.

This is the case of 95-year-old Queen Elizabeth II, who finally rescinded her participation in united nations climate conference. “Following a notice advising her to rest, the Queen is performing light duties at Windsor Castle. Her Majesty regrets not having traveled to Glasgow to attend the COP26 reception on Monday, 1 November The decision has been taken.”, the palace announced in a statement, less than a week after Prabhu spent a night in the hospital.

Postponement of COP26 requested by NGOs

Defections that affect the legitimacy of a COP and which further exacerbate the divide between countries in the south and countries in the north. Fracture that is already very strong usually on climate issues.

These defections confirm the fear of non-governmental organizations that this COP26 does not offer fair conditions for participation and inclusion between the countries of the South and the North. Even the Climate Action Network had asked to postpone it to 7 September. This network of 1,500 NGOs pointed to unequal access to vaccines and tests for delegations, uncertainties about quarantine conditions, but the exorbitant cost of accommodation in Glasgow.

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This postponement was rejected by the British President of COP26, who nonetheless announced in view of measures to encourage the arrival of representatives from countries from the south. By promising free vaccines to requesting representatives, or by gradually reducing the “red list” of the prevalence of Covid-19. It obliges citizens of the countries listed therein to enter Great Britain to isolate themselves for ten days if they are not fully vaccinated and five days if they are.

There are only seven on this list today – mostly African states from 67 countries at the beginning of September.


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