Queen Elizabeth is in Scotland and William won’t leave her alone

Queen Elizabeth is in Scotland and William won't leave her alone

PIs Queen Elizabeth One of the most beautiful weeks of the year has begun. We are actually in Holyrood Week, the day the Sovereign goes to Scotland on holiday. travel this year a bitter taste, because Elizabeth, 95 years old, She will not be able to share it with her husband Filippo. Over time, the two visited this land far and wide, falling in love more and more each time. To make the Queen feel less lonely, her nephew William took care of it, by his side in this very special moment.

first leg of the tour saw him as a hero at the Inns-Brew factory, a carbonated drink that has become a de facto institution north of Hadrian’s Wall, so much so that it has been nicknamed the “other Scottish national drink”, second only to Scotch whisky. Elisabetta observes the cycle that leads to the production of the drinkWhose recipe is very secret.

In the end, however, She seemed happy to let the much younger William try it, in the company of some employees of the company.

The Queen then went to Holyroodhouse, a historic palace in Edinburgh Located at the end of the Royal Mile and Her Majesty’s Residence. Here he was greeted with full honours, along with the keys to the city.. Elizabeth, who appeared in a blue dress that somehow recalls the Scottish flag, she smiled. It seems that the days of mourning and sadness are forever behind us.

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