Queen Elizabeth vacations alone at Balmoral in Scotland: the first time without Prince Philip

Queen Elizabeth vacations alone at Balmoral in Scotland: the first time without Prince Philip

elizabeta the first time without him Filippo. traditional summer stay of Queen Elizabeth II. in the palace of balmoral, beloved residence inherited from Queen Victoria Scotland. The custom, not interrupted even in August 2020 despite the COVID emergency, is repeated according to the classic principles of all time, between rest and work or dynastic commitments, but for the first time it sees the sovereign alone: ​​without Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, who died almost a century later on 9 April and his final farewell was celebrated with a poignant archive photograph taken by His Majesty in the park of the Scottish estate.

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Upon her arrival, the Queen passed a division of the Royal Guard of the Balaclava Company belonging to the 5th Royal Regiment of Scotland, and the garrison of the 3rd Battalion before the Shetland pony, which serves as the mascot for the unit. (equine) Cruchan IV, with cloth decoration under the saddle and recognized military rank.

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The holiday period, Buckingham Palace confirmed, will be interspersed with a series of Among the appointments, as head of the British state, Elizabeth would receive ministers from the government. boris johnson, representatives of Commonwealth countries and foreign dignitaries. Alternate or joint appearances of various members of the royal family are also expected, starting with the heir to the throne, Charles, with his wife Camilla and the Dukes of Cambridge, William (second in succession to the crown) and Catherine. . Children. Among the topics discussed according to press rumours, Harry and Meghan also linked dossier on ‘rebel’ theories, with new possible repercussions predicted by a future publication of the autobiography of William’s younger brother: now settled in America with his wife, younger Archie, and newborn Lillibet after last year’s painful tear from the Windsor home.


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