Rams, CB Jalen Ramsay agrees to five-year, M 105M contract, says agent

Rams, CB Jalen Ramsay agrees to five-year, M 105M contract, says agent

Los Angeles Rams and Jalen Ramsey Agent David Mulugetta told ESPN’s Adam Schaefter that he had agreed to terms on a five-year, 10 105 million expansion, the largest contract ever for Cornback.

Rams became the first defensive back in NFL history to sign more than 100 100 million in deals, and his signature is the largest guarantee of a .2 71.2 million defensive back when signed.

Rams announced a five-year deal on Wednesday without giving value.

The previous largest contract for Cornback in terms of average annual value was રે 18.2 million the year it was awarded to Darrell Ravis in 2013, when he signed a six-year contract after trading from New York Jets to Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Ravis was not introduced to the following se fisson.

The All-Pro and Three-Time Pro Bowl selection becomes a long-term fixture on the Ramsey defense, including a two-time NFL Defensive Player of the Year. Aaron Donald, Who signed an extension of 13 5,135 million before the six-year, 2018 season.

Ramsay is the fourth player since 2018 to have Rams signed a record-breaking extension, the other being Donald, quarterback Jared Goff And running back Todd Gurley, Whom they cut in March.

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At the start of the training camp, 25-year-old Ramsay said he was not worried about the expansion as he prepared to enter the final season of his Rookie Deal, valued at 13.7 million.

“I’m trying to do my job as a footballer. I’m trying to be a leader in the team,” Ramsey said. “If it comes, it comes. It will be a surprise to me, just as it will be a surprise to all of you.”

“Ramsey dominated the training camp, the first with his team,” said Rams coach Sean McVeigh.

“I feel like I have an appreciation for the way he plays and look at him from a distance,” McWay said. “But now, really getting a glimpse and the more competitive work we’re getting in these training camp settings, the better than I thought.”

First-year defensive coordinator Brandon Staley is expected to use the lockdown cornback in a variety of ways this season. Ramsay said before the training camp that he would be considered a defensive back in 2020 instead of Cornb than Kan.

Ramsay acquired Ramsay in October last year, sending his 2020 and 2021 first-round picks and 2021 fourth-round picks to the Jacksonville Jaguars, who selected Ramsay with a fifth pick in the 2016 draft, which was the Rams quarterback of the year. Jared Goff No. 1 overall.

In nine games with the Rams last season, the Rams blocked one pass and had four pass defects and forced.

His arrival in Los Angeles marks a new beginning after Khadatekra’s tenure at Jacksonville, which came to a head in the first half of the 2019 season.

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After a week-long defeat in Houston, Tom Cufflin, then vice president of operations for Jaguar’s Football.

Rams played against the Tennessee Titans the following Thursday but did not practice the following Monday due to illness. He then missed Wednesday’s practice due to a back injury and the same day, it was announced that Ramsay would return to his hometown of Tennessee for the birth of his second daughter. Due to the back issue, Ramsey spent the next three games idle, then traded to the Rams, where he was immediately cleared to play.

On an episode of “Hard Knox: Los Angeles,” Ramsay said Oct. 15 Oct. The day they were traded was “one of the best days of my life.”

In 60 career games, Rams has blocked 10 passes, returned for a touchdown, and has 49 pass defects and three forced.


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