Rance vs Chelsea’s score: Oliver Giroud is out of the bench for the Blues in the Champions League final 16.

Rance vs Chelsea's score: Oliver Giroud is out of the bench for the Blues in the Champions League final 16.

Substitute Ol Lever Giroud added more time to Chelsea’s qualifying for the Champions League knockout stage with a 2-1 win over Rennes.

Culum Hudson-do Doino’s first half break-way goal was determined to be enough for the underwhelming Chelsea side, but Sarah Gu Gouraci went back to the end of the second half to meet a corner and a powerful header.

It will be Giroud, the teams will end up in Chelsea’s squad after Werner’s arrival, which will determine the competition as those teams return home from Werner’s start and will have their sixth straight win in all competitions next to Frank Lampard. . Combined with a late goal for Sevilla at Crisnodar, Chelsea’s win means they will face off against the Spanish team for the top spot in the Spanish group next week.

Read the main points of the game below:

Renes spends the first half costing them a lot

Although teams Werner and Mason Mount were able to win the game in the first few minutes, Chelsea were not at their best in the first half at Roson Park, even though they ended the period with a one-goal lead. Matteo Kovasic was being outsourced by Edward Camawing while Jorginoho’s passing radar seemed defective as he completed only .55..5 percent of his efforts.

Renee, meanwhile, showed an intensity that after the two met they couldn’t achieve with 10 men, young wings Jeremy Doku and James Lee Lee Siliki were constantly pushing errors from their opponent’s full back. And yet what did they show for their best moments? Just two shots on Edward Mandy’s goal and a host of futile chances.

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Race was more willing to shoot from a range or a difficult angle rather than entering dangerous areas, more bizarre when Gaursi had such a strong presence in the air. The total number of targets (xG) of their seven shots in total was 0.37, meaning that the total quality of chances they produced in the first half was still slightly lower than the probability of producing a goal.

That’s probably the difference between the Rains-like side and the best people in Europe, who are capable of creating very good opportunities for themselves. The near-range volley of Mount which was brilliantly blocked by Alfred Gomis had an XGG of 0.56, the closest range of Werner was Miss 0.38xG and the Hudson-Odoi target was 0.41xG.

It seemed that Renee learned his lesson in the second part, when he found an avenue that worked for him: set-pieces. With the exception of Thiago Silva and substitute Giroud, Chelsea had some counters from their huge hosts, most notably the Guardianio Nyamsi and Gaurasi group. The simple reality is that the Blues can do very little against the right delivery and Edward Mandy couldn’t deny the latter after a good save from the former, whose brilliant 85th minute header seemed to revive their hopes of victory.

It was a cruel turn of fate that they were undone by discovering their aerial superiority when the Giroud teams rose to the top to meet the bounce from Werner’s start and led an excellent looping header where no Rains player could reach in one place. Eventually they would probably think about what they could get if they had gone for a cross earlier in the game.

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The mount proves its all-around value

Perhaps the Mount will have to explain its presence on the sides that are cursed forever with numerous more exciting options. For Chelsea it was Kai Hertz, who left on the bench, for England, Jack Grillish chief among numerous midfield rivals. As far as what he achieves with the club and the country, it may still be people who are convinced that other options are better.

It has proved so popular in Mount Gareth Southgate and Frank Lampard that it only increases in the sense that it is a good-two shoe, with both managers forced to refuse in favor of the 21-year-old in recent weeks. Aged. The latter highlighted a very distinctive quality of the mount that would inevitably be less influenced by a more generalist audience.

“She doesn’t do many troublesome stepovers and flicks on the back of the head. She makes really efficient, clean, sharp passes, she’s the press as well as any midfield player I’ve worked with or played with,” Lampard said.

Hudson-Odoi’s goal-making was in full swing. Mount’s pass was the most eye-catching aspect of his team-mate’s progress but Chelsea’s No.9 so that if he hadn’t chased Doku to win the ball, that opening would never have come.

It is more appreciated than it is to mount. No one compared his three tackles until he was pulled back in the 66th minute, only matched by Jorginoho and Cesar Azpilichita, and you suspect that some of the others on the pitch pressed very hard.

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Mount will be and will continue to be compared to his creative midfielders, somewhat inevitably when his presence means mostly missing out on a greyish or big-money Chelsea forward. But when it comes to comparisons it is only worth noting the additions brought forward by this young playmaking.

Remarkable performance

Culum Hudson-do Doi: With the depth of Lampard’s offensive options, Hudson-do Doi could be sick of wasting his chances. He certainly didn’t take his goal perfectly and constantly tried to attack the space between full-back and central defender. Rating: 7

Garcinio Nyamsi: The 6 foot 5 inches defender was more than a man mountain to cross in attack and defense. The 23-year-old defended with all the elegance and charm and was one of the guys who could work the hardest from defeat after Giroud managed to get a run over him when Gomis chipped Werner’s efforts from the top. Rating: 8

Ben Chilwell: Occupied, this was a careless display from the left side of England. Rating: 4

Now the next

Chelsea will face Tottenham on Stamford Bridge on Sunday before heading to Sevilla to win the Group E. Rance will consider ending his recent troubles with a trip to Strasbourg before confronting Snowder for what could be a draw facto playoff for third place. Spot and Europa League qualification.


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