Rangers win and Scotland pull off their bitter rivalry

The title, won ten years later and highly celebrated by the Rangers, becomes a genuine national political affair, complete with parliamentary questions.

Rangers Glasgow Fan Party (Getty Images) for first national title in 10 years

Scotland Awarded his national title in advance. Rangers Glasgow They return to the roof of Mountainous terrain After hard years and great crises.

Rangers return

It was 2012 when i Ranger people They won their final derby (3–2 at the end of an incredible match) and were upgraded due to their financial problems. Forced to start from scratch and from the Third Division, all-time enemies leave the pot Celtic.

It took years to bring back accounts and clubs. Was assigned to the team Steven Gerrard: An impressive journey, 28 wins and only four draws. Never lost.

March of this year Ranger people It has always been unattainable with successes in head-to-head matches. And it has rekindled a very tough rivalry that Ibrahim remained dormant in recent years, especially due to the tough rebuilding of the club.

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Party in spite of everything

The title was celebrated by fans Ranger people With long processions on the square and on the road, there is some caution and no regard for anti-pandemic rules. Parliament also became a question as a result of rivalry Nicholas SturgeonLeader of the Scottish National Party and Prime Minister. Fan parties and the club’s lack of accountability has become the subject of an official protest and parliamentary question.

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Ranger people
At least 40,000 appearances in George Square are counted to commemorate the Rangers title (Getty Images)

Fans against

Tens of thousands of poisonous messages have bounced from the social network. Not only that and not so much above the fans by the players and managers. Ranger people They set the trend # More than a club Bhoy was criticized and lacking in sportsmanship, with which he welcomed the title received by the Rangers ten years later.

Celtic He replied “We are not half of anything” With an equally clear hashtag: “A Singles Club since 1888” The Rangers again referred to the foundation.

Football recalls one of its most extreme and passionate rivalries, while once again hosting a derby for Glasgow Stadium, which was staged for the 422th time this year.

Rangers Gerrard
Steven Gerrard, Rangers manager, remains unbeaten this season (Getty Images)


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