Remains of Scotland in Berry: Laurent Sorselle recalls the sometimes forgotten past in a film aired in France on Monday evening

Ce qu’il reste d’Écosse en Berry : Laurent Sorcelle retrace un passé parfois oublié dans un film diffusé ce lundi soir sur France 3

Journalist Laurent Sorselle wanted to dedicate his new documentary to Berry Scotland, when this historical episode, he says, is in the midst of a “rebirth” and Brexit that was imposed on the Scots by the English.

We often talk about Aubagne, but what else does Scotland live in Berry?

A village where many people of Scottish origin still live: Saint-Martin-deuxagne. The arbiculture was built by the soldiers of John Stuart of Darley. Even after the arrival of the Scots in 1419, Cinquere saw, the first French victory in the Hundred Years’ War was at Saint-Saturd, in a place called Les Batailles.

Why is Aubagel-sur-Ner connected to Scotland?

In 1746, after the Battle of Kaloden (Scotland), a large number of Jacobites had to flee. Many came to France, some to Sancer. There are still plaques on the houses indicating that the masters and soldiers lived there. The Scots took roots in Mehun-sur-Yvere. Some fought alongside Francis I. Mehun Castle played an important role. But I could not say if the descendants are important there.

By the way, when is the Scottish past of Aubagne-sur-NEER?

Is this link known to Berichons with Scotland?

It was not taught from the early 20th century. Aubagn had the intelligence to bring this link to the headlines with the first Franco-Scottish festivals in 1931. It is something that is very promising, it is interesting to know its origin. We have an inexplicable bond with the Scots and we didn’t necessarily know why. When we look at our history, we find that the link is almost permanent for eight centuries. Elsewhere, the Berichons know little about this link.

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Why does it seem so important to rejuvenate this identity?

I believe that, as certain characters in Film Express, we are in an era where there is a lot of individualism. One needs to connect with values, with a feeling of brotherhood, with a feeling of friendship. And the Scottish clan, like the Confederates, can afford, they represent what they are witnessing. Furthermore, the Scotsman’s image is an image of an honest, honest, honest, reliable man with very good values.

Collected by Pauline Marex
[email protected]


to keep. In the Scottish lands of France, the documentary by Laurent Sorsell, is broadcast today, 15 March, at 10.40pm on Monday, France 3 Center-Val de Loire.

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