Roberto Firmino rests Liverpool line-ups and Joel Matip’s decision for Atlanta

Roberto Firmino rests Liverpool line-ups and Joel Matip's decision for Atlanta

‘Matip came but Firmino got breath’

Paul Gorst: Three points this evening in Italy will give Liverpool a big step towards their goal in the knockout football of Lana in the Champions League in the new year.

But, the games continued to get thick and fast with a definite visit to Manchester City on Sunday, just how would Jurgen Klopp approach this?

Allison Baker Trent Alexander-Arnold, Joe Gomez and Andy Robertson will retain their place in the goal behind the four. The final part of that jigsaw could be Joel Matip, after returning to training.

The defender will need to prove his long-term sustainability in the coming months and while the game at Etihad on Sunday will be huge, it is a case of necessity right now at the center of the Reds ’defense.

In midfield, I’m going for Jordan Henderson, James Milner and Ginny Vijnalndam as a basis for Liverpool to build something from home this evening. Nabi Kita, now back in training, can wait in the wings if needed.

Above, Diego Jota’s claims cannot be ignored, so Roberto Firmino takes a breath for me from the middle of the Sadio Mane.

My team (-3–3–3) : Allison; Alexander-Arnold, Gomez, Matip, Robertson; Vijnaldum, Henderson, Milner; Wrong, believe me, shoes.

‘Matip should start and Jones should go a second time’

Ian Doyle: If it’s Midwick, it’s the Champions League.

At least he feels at the moment for Jurgen Klopp and Liverpool.

And the five-substitute rule means that the starting line-up against Atlanta tonight will be something different from the team that finished it.

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But that won’t stop us from keeping a pont on what we should do in Bergamo.

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For a start, who starts at center-back with JG Gomez?

Joel Matip and Liverpool can see how things are going. Rehs Williams could always come in the second half.

The rest of the defense is routine, although Costas Simex could be run out at some point.

Midfield is a difficult one.

James Milner has become a regular in the ‘Midweek’ team and Curtis Jones should go a second time. Jordan Henderson can start and Guinea Wiganaldam will take his place half the time.

Next, Diego Jota deserves the space on the left, while Mohamed Salah deserves the space on the right.

Takumi Minamino got annoyed in the last Champions League game, so let’s see if he can improve around a slightly stronger attack.

My team (-3–3–3): Allison; Alexander-Arnold, Matip, Gomez, Robertson; Henderson, Milner, Jones; Salah, Minamino, Jota.

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‘Jones gets approval and Williams starts’

Connor Dunn: Four out of five people behind Liverpool are picking themselves tonight as my teammate Paul Lee has already outlined.

Allison, Alexander-Arnold, Gomez and Robertson will handle their positions, but the fifth in my defense is young Rice Williams.

Joel Matip is not one to admire the injury record and he will be desperately needed for Sunday’s game at Etihad so I have an idea to give him a few minutes here and start his preparations for the match against Man City, to bring him in at half time.

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My hope is that Liverpool are in a more comfortable position after the first 45 minutes with goals on the board and are able to make the tipping point easier in the game.

I go for the midfield trio of Jordan Henderson, Ginny Vijnaldum and Curtis Jones.

The youngster gets consent because of the understanding that Atlanta plays a very attacking brand of football and it would be a good match to find a place for Jones and show what he can do again to advance for the Reds, plus I think he deserves The opportunity to choose Henderson in the middle did not really put a foot in his new career.

My line is watching the leading Mohammed Salah, Century Believers and Diego. I think Firmino has found yet another disastrous combination to prove Liverpool out of the firing line and drove Vano and Jotta down to midfield with Manny.

My team (-3–3–3): Allison; Alexander-Arnold, Gomez, Williams, Robertson; Vijnaldum, Henderson, Jones; Wrong, believe me, shoes.


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