“Roberto the Bruce” casts off the nightmare and a loud “Thank You Italy” erupts from Scotland

The stories of the residents of Barghigiani living across the Channel: “This is how we lived in the finals of the European Championships”


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The delirium for Azurri’s victory at the European Championship is one of several classes in which celebrations of Italians are mixed with those of Scots. Barga and Scotland, a centuries-old bond, have all reunited under the ball sky for a common goal: to see England defeated.

Thus, thanks to social media, the Barga carousel overlaps with that of Glasgow. From Facebook to WhatsApp, entire family and friends have sent photos of the celebrations, which were similar to the Italian squares in Scotland. As some expatriates say and as the city councilors tell Sonia Ercolini, born in Glasgow. “United against England as never before – they say – Italy to win the European Championship, Scotland to underline their desire for independence, even more so after Brexit”.

In Scotland, “prayers” for an Italian company began on Saturday when The National, a newspaper supporting Scottish independence, appeared on the front page. Roberto Mancini The Braveheart version featured a title flavored with the title: “Save us Roberto, you are our last hope”. in the parade Gigio Donnarumma On the final penalty, the party exploded. “I had 100 Scottish fans at my restaurant who booked,” he says Anthony Cecchini, an entrepreneur from Barga who won the Scottish Italian Awards in 2016 – it was a great night. I have lived in Scotland for 23 years, here I now have two restaurants in Eyre and Ardrosson. After two minutes, when the British took advantage, there was silence in the restaurant. As the minutes passed, my guests started talking again. on punishment? They all looked crazy.’

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The big party is also in the Scottish town of Dumfries, just 30 kilometers from the border with England, where the Rinaldi family lives. “When the match started, I thought I wanted to stay in Italy – he says loreno rinaldi – I could have turned off the TV, didn’t buy the newspaper and, in short, avoided the whole post game in case of a loss. Instead, it was a huge victory and it adds to the pride and satisfaction that comes from living abroad as an Italian. i watched the race with my brother carlo, my baby GIANCARLO, my grandson and of course my wife Margaret, Scottish, with whom I have been married for 52 years. I knew Azurri could do it, but the start was not the best and I thought we would lose. Then rejoice at the punishment. I feel 100% Italian, I always come to Barga for four to six months and this is all I have passed on to my son and now my grandchildren. For the English defeat, I only feel sorry for those who missed the decisive penalty and who are now subject to vulgar and racist attacks ».

The carousel also stopped at the bar in Barga paolo gas Barga Celtic Pub renamed the Italian supporter club of Celtic, the home of Glasgow’s Catholic football team.

And while pubs display the tricolour, The National headlines “It’s Coming Rome” mocking the cup-dreaming English slogan, as the Daily Mail writes: “At least there are happy Brits”. –

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