Rodrigo Seal’s rollercoaster win over Internazionale is a relief for Real Madrid.

When the final whistle blew Zinedine Zidane turned to his right, Antonio Conte turned to his left and they turned the tunnel together. The former teammates, they embraced, everyone knew he could be in someone else’s shoes at the end of a tight, open and unexpected night. A game that both teams needed to win and both were finally able to win in the end with Real Madrid beating Internazionale 3-2.

The victory is attributed to Rodrigo’s superb goal, who asked if he was happy or relieved, to which he replied “both”. This makes sense: his winning goal came when Madrid, who came into the game with the same issue, was under a lot of pressure; He also picked them up from the bottom of the group and left the interns there instead. He could have gone nowhere, until Vince had delivered the ball, from where Rodrigo reshaped the match and his upcoming items.

From the start this was dynamic and open, with Samir Hendanovich commenting from Mark Asensio early in the fourth minute and then the delivery of the Federal Valvarde dangerously saw a drop within six yards inside the Valvarde. A squareboard with dotted numbers just outside a subbutto stadium – indicating that only six minutes had passed, and within three more Niccolo Barello led a cross cut from Ivan Perisic’s bar. A moment later, Thibaut Courtois rescued Lautero Martinez.

That first inter-advance came in a way that was meant to be familiar – Achraf Hakimi bursting into space on the right. His most crucial contribution, incidentally, was to set an early goal for Madrid after 24 minutes. Joining the club at the age of eight, Hakeem, who played on the training ground every day for 12 years, gave a back-pass that was completed by the ball, which turned into the path of Karim Benzema, who put his foot around Handnovik and rolled into the open net.

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Error always seemed possible, even if necessary. Inter played the ball from a very deep depth, swinging the bat, leading Madrid and then releasing the ball in the space ahead of that first line of pressure. It worked a lot, but it was a nice line that contributed to the beautiful game, especially on the sleek surface. There were opportunities at both ends. Arturo Vidal had already entered side-networking and Hakimi had beaten Ferland Mendy, but now the inter-trail is over. Soon it was 2-0, with Sergio Ramos leading from one corner.

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Were not entered. Berella’s astonishing backhill volley that breathed a sigh of relief from a few people inside the ground, setting up a capture circuit and setting up a martinez, rushed to the area. Its finish was worthy, as rigorous as it was the first time. And a moment later, he almost sent Hakimi back again, but Thibaut Courtois quickly got out.

That momentum remained deep until the second half. As Inter took a step, never pushing higher, now he was playing Madrid very deep: partly inviting iting pressure, partly it was subject to him. The difference was that Madrid was not really looking for a way out, unable to connect with the men waiting ahead. At one point they did, Lucas Vazquez hit exactly wide. And although Inter didn’t make a clear chance, it wasn’t a big surprise when the goal came in the 67th minute. Or it shouldn’t be the end of it.

Arturo Vidal landed the ball in the area where Martínez skillfully brought it down to Paris, who turned his face away from Vazquez and cut the shot into the corner. Inter almost took the lead when Ashley Young discovered Hakimi. Then, as the pitch became more open and they immediately began to break away from it and open up Madrid’s defense, they passed clear opportunities. When it could pass, Martinez first turned to the past. He then delivered another, just wide wide by Parisic.

They paid for it. Zidane sent for the Brazilian boys, introduced by Vincius and Rodrigo. And while Madrid were at their most desperate, inter-gathering pace, Valverde freed Vince. He ran to the right and pulled back Rodrigo’s full pass to slip into the knife.


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