Rugby F – Michaela Merlo’s Italy expands to Scotland

Rugby F - Michaela Merlo's Italy expands to Scotland
Michaela Merlo in blue

PARMA Italdón inaugurated in the best way possible, winning and winning bonus points, making its way into the European Rugby World Cup qualifiers: at the “Lanfranchi” in Parma, home of the quadrangle that would provide the winner a place for next year’s World Cup. Zeeland, Furlan and his comrades need only one time to regulate Scotland. It ends 38–13, but already at intervals Di Giandomenico’s Azure put his hostage on the match with four attempts and a field and game domain that materialized from the bars first: immediately into the attack, Italy in the second minute. Scores before the stroke in With a pick-and-go from Giada Franco after going immediately close to the British goal line. In the last 10′ Michel Merlo entered the front line, which Mantua implemented at Colorno in place of Maris. The Italians will face Ireland in “Lanfranchi” on the second day on Sunday. « A good result – says coach Andrea Di Giandomenico – but we have to keep working: our journey towards the Rugby World Cup has just begun. The biggest challenge of the tournament will be managing energy during the three matches, managing to give the team the best possible balance: in the days to come, recovery will be a fundamental component of our activities. Especially at the forefront, the challenges ahead will be very demanding in terms of impact. We knew that in the second half the Scottish team would be back on the pitch. Considering the match against Ireland, not giving him a big spot was an important sign. Captain Manuela Furlan outlined how the weather initially made a strong impression on the group: “On a very hot day, we lost some clarity: we were good at resisting at the end of the first half, we were sure that the opponents were on the field. Will return after the first very gruesome part of the game: We reacted with discipline to the greatest emergency ».

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