Rugby, Six Nations, Italy also crashed in Murrayfield, Scotland 52 to 10. Planted

 Rugby, Six Nations, Italy also crashed in Murrayfield, Scotland 52 to 10.  Planted

This is the 32nd consecutive defeat against Scotland and the eleventh wooden spun.

Scotland-Italy 52-10

Murrayfield also sheds tears. In the garden of the house Scotland Although reworked, Franco Smith’s Italragby lost 52-10 (goal count 8-1), their worst ever defeat against the Highlanders, and thus came to a close Six nations Which cannot be more negative and serious. The number in hand, the 32nd consecutive KO in the tournament (last win date 28/2/2015, right in Edinburgh) and by far the worst balance in the competition: scored 55 points against 239, 6 goals against 34. Whatever twenty-one versions of the Neolithic, anti-tradition and various Wikimonians say Six nations It is eleventh Wooden spoon, Intended as a “virtual trophy”, will be awarded to all game losers. The spoon is not really the palm of those who arrive last, as wanted at the entrance of the Italians in the British tournament, as well as inventing the “whitewash” for defeat.

Match report

However you look at it, you are always with a handful of flies and the number 25 of today’s success is Scotland On‘Italy, Tenth in a row. The first half had a good start and Italy had a good start. Too much possession and pressure on the Hogs, the most anticipated, due to too many injuries was posted at the inauguration by Coach Townsend. Then, after a Scottish foul in midfield, Garbisi caught an excellent touch in the opponent’s byes at 6 ‘. Blue Drive is powerful and Captain Biggie gets crushed in goal. Garbisi’s transformation itself is difficult, but the twenty-year-old number 10 makes no mistake and is 0-7. Hosts react with the same coin and again on the development of throw-ins, equaling the count of goals. However, the hogs miss 2 extra points: Italy 5-7 onwards. However, their feet are trembling in the rescue of the guests; Hu enters a trench in the Jones line, the oval leads to the van der Merwe on the left and has the overtaking sign with the addition of the hog. Smith’s young Italians are there, they try to react by being pushed by a very nice Varney and at the age of 17 they get Garbisi’s free kick. Under 12–10, the guests lose for 10 minutes, which enters Mori Sam Johnson’s shoulder, however, after unloading the ball later. And they are all 10 of an impossible speed driven by steel. Hence: 21 ‘, Graham’s goal, taking advantage of Maitland Hole (17-10); Burning 29 ‘, Hugh Jones’ signature tackler Padovani (24-10). Scots with a man under 12–0 (1/2 of the hog off the pitch) and those 6 goals in his pocket that already deserve bonus points in the standings in the half-hour. Like Wales at the Olympico last Saturday. But the men in white jerseys do not stop and, on the contrary, keep the tents in the opposing half, while the Blues finally find themselves in defense. Meanwhile, mistakes, even in contact, from both sides and the team alone in the first half of 29 wrong tackles led to the loss. Bad business card for a shoot with only one word: Scotland, Which dominates and closes. The hosts go past the line in the first attempt. Garbisi missed the kick-off (and has 2, also counting one against Wales). Then touch on 5 meters and Cherry repeats the marking of the first half (44 ‘, 31-10). Repeated dishonesty by Negri and another temporary eviction. From the following Scrum Steel score (53 ‘, 38-10). Irregular tackle by Ioane on hog and third yellow card; The blues also play 13 from 61 ‘to 62’. Back to the more “canonical” 15 versus 14 and after closing out a long series of scrums under the Blues posts, Johnson survives an entire defense (66 ‘, 45-10). Lee‘Italy’ Attack in the Scottish Bias, Johnson however steals the ball and lands it for van der Merwe (71 ‘, 52-10). With today’s 5 points, the Highlanders climbed to 11 in the standings. They will lay off their laborers next Friday, at the age of 21, facing France in recovery of a match not played due to the outbreak spreading to Bless’s home. We have already talked about the Italian ranking. The blue bubble officially closes. Smith’s men will return to the field for the summer tour, twice challenging New Zealand, Mahan and the unmatched All Blacks. A pretentious comparison these days for the team looking forward to the future. Which should look towards the future.

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