Sam Smith said he found the lockdown ‘hard’

Sam Smith said he found the lockdown ‘hard’

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Sam Smith has revealed that he was struggling to cope with the lockdown because he wasn’t used to being too much at home.

The 5, 5 star, 28, always stays out on road trips and performances, and usually doesn’t spend much time at home.

So getting stuck due to a sudden coronavirus epidemic was a big adjustment.

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Speaking on The One Show, They said how his sister helped manage it.

“I found it difficult. I’ve been traveling for eight years now and I haven’t been home for more than three weeks, almost eight years.”

“I lived with my sister, and I will be with her for the next four weeks, and she helped me and we did boring fun stuff, which was good.

“But it’s a strange time.”

However, Smith also said how he struggled with worrying about performing, and taking a few breaths and going home allowed him to take a few breaths to deal with it.

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They said: “I am very worried about the people on stage.

“I was so restless towards the end of last year that it was good for me to take a break.”

The singer is known for such chart hits Stay with me, Money on Mind Mind And Very good at goodbyes.

They have just unveiled a new album called Love Goes.

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