Sampdoria, your shirt sets the standard in Scotland …

Maglia Sampdoria Motherwell

In the next season, Madwell will wear a shirt that recalls Sampadoria’s style: the tribute is actually a matter of sponsors

Sampdoria Builds a school. Or better. Sampadoria shirt, the most beautiful in the world. After Pedicle joint, Which in the years of Vialelli and Mancini, used boserchichi colors, another Scottish team paid tribute to Sampdoria. this is Motherwell, Whose distant shirt is inspired by the most beautiful in the world.

However, unlike Dundee United, this is a question Sponsor. The company that will have the dress Motherwell Next year, in fact, it is Macron, the same with whom Semporia began a contract from 1 July. Same colors will not be used, but similar Style. The lines in the center, the amber and the burgundy ones, will actually be surrounded by two white lines on a midnight blue background. Scottish national team color.

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Apart from the preview on the second and third shirts given In this article, Other mistrust may come from this Motherwell ‘twin’ shirt. This is not what the fans are expecting White collar: Both in the 1998/99 season and in 2010/11 Rhymes with white collar B series.

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