«Save us, Roberto»: on Mancini Scottish print in Braveheart style. England-Italy as seen by tabloids

  «Save us, Roberto»: on Mancini Scottish print in Braveheart style.  England-Italy as seen by tabloids

on the eve of the final euro 2020 The fever also rises in the newspapers across the channel between Italy and England. The front pages of today’s newspapers and tabloids, Saturday 10 July, are largely dominated by the anticipation of tomorrow’s big match, with the Three Lions making their full debut, apart from at home, in a European football final at the London Stadium. wembley. «let’s bring it back home harryis the title of Match, among the images of a victorious Harry Kane, in the decider Semi-final against Denmark, and his illustrious predecessor Bobby Moore, who holds the World Cup trophy he won 55 years ago. “A Game of Glory” is titled I, located among photographs of 26 members of the English team and their coach Gareth Southgate.

“come on England!” screams daily star, taunting Italians with a picture of a pineapple on a pizza. The same daily star He had already mentioned himself for this first page, which, with general irony, credited the forefathers of yesterday’s opponents.

English press praised Southgate

NS daily Express He pays tribute to the Southgate coach, who has been able to admire the country’s core values, “courage and pride”. NS daily Mirror He begs them, and the entire national team, to “do it for England” to win the title. NS daily Telegraph Dedicates the opening to Southgate, which has the ability to revive the warrior spirit of previous generations. And speaking of warrior spirit, tomorrow’s match will also be watched with some interest in Scotland: the National Opens with a photo of the Italian Commissioner Roberto Mancini in style Brave: «Save us Roberto, you are our last hope».

Applause from the English coach: “Unprecedented Italy”

Southgate spoke of yesterday’s opponents and his counterpart Mancini thus: «Italy’s record is phenomenal: 10 finals (between the World Cup and the Europeans, ed.). Roberto Mancini has done a fantastic job and the way he has played with Italy over the last two years speaks volumes not only in terms of wins but also in terms of some goals. And the style of play was great. A great task awaits us, but we will face it with great desire. I could not be more proud to lead my national team, and have the opportunity to bring joy at this difficult moment for the entire nation. “

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