Scotland: £ 1 million whiskey auctioned

Scotland: £ 1 million whiskey auctioned

In an auction Scotland The target world record for a bottle of whiskey is missed. The highest bid for the 0.75 liter bottle “The Macklan 1926 Fine and Rare” was loudly Auktianhas Finally at one million pounds (about 1.16 million euros).

In autumn 2019, a bottling from the same barrel went under the hammer for just 1.5 million pounds. Whiskey comes from a mythological supply, for lovers it is called a “holy grave”.

The whiskey auctioneer wrote on its website, “The extraordinary Maclans are peeps and the barrel number is 263.” It is difficult “to find the perfect exaggeration for this European oak barrel that was filled almost 100 years ago” – perhaps it is perfect. In 1986, a total of 40 bottles were filled from the barrel, of which only 14 were Fine and Fine labels.

The soul belongs to a collection of a total of 3900 bottles put together by the American entrepreneur Richard Gooding. He had traveled to Scotland repeatedly for decades and bought bottles from almost every whiskey distillery. With over 1900 bottles on offer, the first part of the collection was auctioned a year earlier.

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