Scotland: A Tour of Scotland

Scotland: A Tour of Scotland

For Scotland with CN…. Part 4. (3.7. + 4.7.22)

After breakfast at 3.7. The tour continued.

we wanted

Inverness and Loch Ness.
Again the journey proceeded southwards along the north-east coast.
Passing through the sheer cliffs to the ruins of old forts, this was the most impressive sight in the north of Scotland.

Sutherland Memorial Past,

“Dunrobin Castle” was a visit to Inverness, the capital of the Scottish Highlands.

We stayed here for a while before driving to the destination –

Loch Ness.

followed by a brief stay with a view

Urquhart Castle on Loch Ness, a very photogenic ruin, with a beautiful backdrop, made it a very special experience.

Then we went to the Inverness area for the night –

Second time at the hotel “Ben Wyvis in Strathpeffer” where we are at 30.6. Stayed overnight before.

Monday, July 4 We left early.


The rough highland landscape we drove from Perth to Edinburgh, also known as the “Athens of the North”.

Also behind Strathdon ski area.

Then we visited the romantic Sleeping Beauty Castle “Blair Castle”
It was built by John Comin in 1269. Here today one can still dream of fairy tales.

But before we got to the palace, we had to go through a lot

old Bridge . The condition was that we all had to get down. Before Christian could cross it, we crossed it on foot. It already looked strange as the bus swung back and forth. But everything went well. The new bridge was already under construction next to the old one.
(Unfortunately, the video of the bus ride cannot be uploaded here.)

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We also took a short walk around the Hercules Garden…..
Went back in the afternoon. That was our hotel, this time for 2 nights

Pitbach House Hotel
At the same time there was a German travel company in this hotel.
This is where the fourth part ends, the fifth part (5+6 July) is as follows –

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