Scotland and Northern Ireland rebel against the law

Brexit follow-up agreement: Scotland and Northern Ireland rebel against legislation

This is what Parliament achieved in Westminster Brixi– Pursue a strong agreement Out of 73 votes, a majority of 521 votes were confirmed. Outside London, however, the rejection could not be more obvious. Only three state parliaments voted Wells He is prime minister Boris Johnson Negotiated for the contract – Scotland And this Northern Ireland However, an apparent refusal was presented. The two had already voted against leaving the European Union in the 2016 Brexit referendum. Your current denial is mostly symbolic, but it does not bode well for future negotiations and national unity.

Head of state condemned in Scotland Nikola Sturgeon Against the deal that Prime Minister Boris Johnson has called his nation A “little gift” for Christmas Ft. Edinburgh MPs then voted 92 to 30 against the deal, which, according to Stergen and his Scottish National Party, offered the country “no benefits, only huge flaws”. His party refused to delve into how “serious damage to environmental, economic and social interests is taking place in Scotland”.

In addition to the Greens and the Liberal Democrats, the Scottish Labor Party also joined the rejection and received harsh criticism in the rest of the country. Labor leader Keir Starr had sworn his party to support the deal. Ultimately, the start of the new year is better than doing without a later deal.

State Party leader Richard Leonard defended his rebellion against this labor demand and received support from all sides when he proposed to extend the Brexit Pact Law. Among other things, it supports equal choice of Erasmus exchange program for students through it Great britain Is now excluded.

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A rare deal in Northern Ireland: finding a sacrificial goat

In the Northern Ireland capital of Belfast, 47 MPs voted against the agreement and 38 in favor. The MEPs, as well as the Scots, indicated that part of their country had voted against leaving the European Union from the start and were unwilling to accept the disastrous results.

There was at least one agreement, at least on the question of who to blame between pro-backhand Sinn Féin and the pro-British Ulster League. Both accused Northern Ireland’s most powerful ruling party, the pro-British Democratic Unionist Party, of a flawed deal.

As a former coalition partner with the British Conservative Party, the DUP supported the Brexit path, but the Conservatives later gained a stable majority. Apart from As a result, Johnson broke his promiseThat there would be no customs control between Northern Ireland and the rest of the state, which would take place from January 1, 2021. Federalists fear that this will alienate them from Britain and cause a loss of importance within the state.

Mervyn Gibson, general secretary of the pro-British Protestant Orange Order, said, “It’s a shame, told the Reuters news agency outside his home in Belfast. The Premier has already abandoned us and cheated”.

The Federal Democratic Union has refused to condemn the actual border beginning in January. Instead, loyalist parties created this situation by offering an alternative to the maritime boundary: control of the land border with the republic. Ireland – DUP announced. The European Union has also refused to enforce strict land borders, which endanger peace on the Irish island.

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Bargaining despite disappointment in Cardiff

Wales was the only part of the country, with the exception of England, which accepted Brexit in 2016 and signed a deal with Johnson by 28–24 votes in the current vote. But there too, Prime Minister Mark Druckford spoke of a “weak and hopeless” agreement. Eventually, you can build on the deal and make a better contract for the future, the national director said.

Labor has a majority in the Welsh Parliament – and MPs, unlike their Scottish party friends, cling to the Labor party line in support of the deal.

Divided state

In the Brexit Treaty vote, state parliaments had only one symbolic handle. However, his disapproval of the ruling process shows how bad unity in the state is.

For example, in Northern Ireland, nationalist Sin Féin increasingly views Brexit as an opportunity to achieve independence 100 years after joining the UK. London To recover. “More and more people are thinking that they are out of the European Union and what Brexit has done with their identity,” John O’Dow said in the Northern Ireland Syn Fen MEP. He described the Republic of Ireland as a possible solution.

In Scotland, on Christmas Eve, the Scottish National Party announced on Twitter its independence from Great Britain and membership of the European Union: “We never voted for this extreme Tory deal.”

During the vote, the Prime Minister shared generously with London’s leadership: “The system can no longer be reformed at Westminster”, as he said during the vote, and always ignored Scotland’s opinion in London Was “terrible failure”. Even before Brexit, your SNP had called for the independence of Scotland from the UK and, if successful, would like to join the European Union as a separate country. “We are an independent European country. As – deserve the best possible deal ”.

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