Scotland and Thought Police

Scotland and Thought Police

Let’s take a look at Scottish news. Because the rate at which ideas are spinning today, especially the worst, the bizarre debate currently going through Scotland should worry us.


Hamza Yusuf is the Scottish Minister for Justice. And he has started a fight against “hate speech” by proposing a very ambitious bill, “ Hate Crime and Public Order (Scotland) Bill ยป.

We know that any critic of progressive ideology has the potential to fall under the category of hate speech. Nothing is more independent today than the accusations of racism, sexism, Islamophobia, or transphobia.

Keeping this in mind, Hamza Yusuf intends to control private interactions in households.

His theory?

Why is anything prohibited in a gallery, restaurant or pub in a private house?

Shouldn’t rule everywhere? New curiosity to be effective, should it not enter homes? The house is no longer sacred.

Humaz Yusuf intended to create conditions for a generalized prohibition of private interaction in a way that might offend the sensitivities of groups considered minorities by the dominant ideology.

You do not reproduce the orthodoxy of governance in your private conversations? We can condemn you.


Fear your guests who may misrepresent your words if they misunderstand, distort, or dislike them.

Socially intimidate your children into a school system that pushes to see microaggression everywhere.

In the name of the fight against hatred, we will even come to hunt for ulterior motives. This is already being done in the business world, through the famous implicit association tests that claim to detect your unconscious biases.

It reminds me of all East Germany and Stasi. I do not think I am exaggerating to say so. The fight against “hate speech” is the new mask of totalitarianism.

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