Scotland and Wales are applying to resume the Erasmus program

Scotland and Wales are applying to resume the Erasmus program

One month has passed since the announcement of the release of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson Erasmus program from United Kingdom. The reasons given for canceling the mobility of thousands of international students inside and outside the British Isles are purely economic.

This is the news reported by the main British newspapers these days At least 145 MEPs They are pressuring the European Commission for a solution that allows Scotland and Wales to be included in the Erasmus + mobility scheme.

In a letter to Commission Chairman Ursula von der Leyen and Commissioner of Education Maria Gabriel, Welsh and Scottish MPs wrote that they were The decision by the UK government not to participate in the event after Brexit was deeply saddened and worried that it was too expensive.

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This is what calls for the Communications Commission to meet with the Scottish and Welsh governments to discuss policy options. According to the Times, Gabriel has already met Scottish Minister of Higher Education Richard Lohched to discuss cooperation.

As is known, the UK government plans to change its participation in the Erasmus Plus program Schema turing, Which is expected to launch in September 2021 with an initial fund of £ 20 million, while Northern Irish students will continue to participate in Erasmus + thanks to funding from the Irish government.

Incoming students

Many argue that the Turing program will not be able to cover the costs of students coming from the European Union, as Welsh Education Secretary Kirsty Williams said at a press conference earlier this week, claiming that He is trying to work with partners in Scotland and Northern Ireland. Maintaining the membership of the scheme. For his part, Bethan Syed, spokesman for the Welsh Nationalist Party Plaid Simru, stated that Erasmus It is not just about sending British students to Europe for a few semesters, but about making sure that European students can come here and give us their talents and strengthen our universities and colleges..

The European Commission is currently exploring possibilities for Scotland and Wales to continue in the Erasmus student exchange program.

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Decisions taken these days affect many Italian teachers and students, in fact the influx of students and staff from Italian schools and universities over the last ten years, entering the United Kingdom, according to official figures is. European Commission, for thousands of people who have applied to participate in mobility programs. The decision to accept Scotland and Wales can be a breath of fresh air for all those who continue to dream of flying to English-speaking countries in one of the UK countries to improve their language skills on the ground Huh.


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