Scotland: At St Andrews University, mass screening before Christmas broadcast

Scotland: At St Andrews University, mass screening before Christmas broadcast

“This is the safest way to come back”: Scottish University students against Kovid-19 benefited from a mass screening against Kovid-19 for the first time in the British province on Saturday to return home to Christmas with a lighthearted with.

“I’m going to test before going home, then get myself out of there,” Lily Wallace, a 21-year-old neuroscience student, told AFP on the eve of the operation’s commencement.

Like all of her peers, even asymptomatic, Lily will be able to benefit from a free self-test, which includes samples from the nose and mouth, which she will perform under the supervision of third-year medical students .

And if this test is not mandatory, the young woman hiccups not for a second: “This is the safest way to return and travel”.

In the United Kingdom, the most bereaved country in Europe by an epidemic with 57,500 dead, each local government has its own policy on the epidemic, but the four nations agreed to allow students to return to see their families over Christmas is .

This large-scale change, which raises the possibility of a worsening of the new coronovirus epidemic on holiday, has been a major hub of transmission, especially in recent months in many British universities.

Students will be allowed to return from England on staggered departure dates set by universities “to ease the pressure on transport infrastructure” announced by the British government in mid-November.

In Scotland, around 80,000 students are expected to return home at the end of their tenure, university minister Richard Lochead has estimated.

So the last dates of the courses have been postponed to prevent everyone from entering at the same time, and each student is offered to take two tests, three or five days apart, to determine whether he Is carrying virus or not.

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“peace of mind”

To carry out this massive testing campaign, the British government has provided one million kits to Scottish universities.

According to a survey by the Students’ Association, St. Andrews estimates that it has the capacity to complete 1,500 tests every day until December 18, when 80% of students plan to go home for Christmas.

19-year-old Fiona Waddell is eager to learn “the peace of mind of being with my family, to know that all is well and that we can be together this Christmas”. “I don’t want it to be compromised by anything, so I’ll take a test!” Student in psychology says.

Once we do this, “we get results within 24 hours,” explains Sophie Tyler, president of the Sports Association. “If students get two negative tests, they are pretty sure they are really negative and can go home safe.”

However, in the event of a positive result, students will be asked to isolate themselves and not go home. However, this does not discourage volunteers: Rebecca Clooney, 22, hopes to be “able to book a niche as soon as possible”. “That way, even if the test is positive,” she explains, “I’ll have time to separate myself before I go home!”

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