Scotland backs Italy and Mancini becomes brave: “Roberto save us”

Scotland backs Italy and Mancini becomes brave:

Scotland supports Italy and the front pages of the country’s newspapers leave no doubt. Scots absolutely do not want there‘England’ Win Euro 2020, so much so that one of his main newspapers called on Italy to “save them” and replace Roberto Mancini in leader William Wallace. England will take on Italy on Sunday for the Euro 2020 final and the Scottish guys have already lined up.

Scotland backs Italy and Mancini becomes brave: “Roberto save us”

The Three Lions have not won an international trophy for 55 years and are convinced it may be the right time. Gareth Southgate’s men could have won the tournament in a few hours, but only thought about Harry ken The one who raises the trophy cares for Scotland.

This is demonstrated by the country’s newspapers, notably The National, which stunned everyone with a truly original front page, for its Saturday edition. In fact, Italy coach Roberto Mancini appears in the foreground, but not in his original clothes. The technician is portrayed as William Wallace, Scottish leader and patriot who inspired his countrymen to revolt against the British occupation of Scotland. Wallace’s adventures were described in the film Braveheart starring Mel Gibson.

Mancini for the Scots, therefore takes the place of the Hollywood star. The national image is then accompanied by the caption: “Save us Roberto, you are our last hope”. A front page that perfectly reflects the thinking of the Scottish people. The newspaper, however, further teases the British by adding: “We can’t afford them to talk about this for 55 years.” Of course the reference is to the trophy. In case of victory, the Scots will have to accept what the British have to say about success at Euro 2020. a real pain.

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Scotland, who managed to qualify for an international competition after 23 years, failed to crash out of the European group stage. Scottish selection ended with England but lost to the Czech Republic and Croatia, closing out Group D in last place. England, on the other hand, advanced to the first final since 1966, beating Germany, Ukraine and Denmark from the first group. A nightmare for all Scottish people who are now expecting Azurri. Scotland supports Italy and hopes leader Mancini can save them from England.


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