Scotland bans rents –

Case numbers rise sharply in Scotland

Given the sharp rise in the cost of living, the Scottish Territorial Government is looking to temporarily freeze rents in the British part of the country.

The Scottish prime minister, Nicola Sturgeon, said it was a “humanitarian emergency” and would immediately introduce legislation to that effect. A Scottish National Party (SNP) politician declared that forced evictions should also be banned.

Sturgeon also plans to cap fares at the recently nationalized rail company ScotRail. It must be in force until at least March 2023, the head of government continued.

Trusses from Sturgeon: Stabilize Energy Prices

Sturgeon, who has been campaigning for the independence of her part of the country, should not have chosen the timing of her announcement by chance, just before the inaugural speech of the new British prime minister, Liz Truss. The truss is expected to introduce a plan shortly to stem the recent sharp rise in gas and electricity costs for homes and businesses.

Sturgeon also called for the truce to stabilize energy prices. These are the responsibility of the central government in London. “The Scottish government doesn’t have the power to stop your energy prices from going up, but we can make sure your rents don’t go up,” Sturgeon said.

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