Scotland beat Italy, 5-10

Scotland beat Italy, 5-10

EDINBURGH, Scotland – Scotland recovered from their Six Nations hurdle, suffering an inevitable 52-10 defeat at Murrayfield on Saturday.

Italy made an early effort against a team that wanted to play most of the tournament, and the match was a real challenge – until the 20th minute when Italian midfielder Federico Mori was ruled out for a late shoulder attack in front of Samson Johnson. Was.

When Morey was out for 10 minutes, Scotland entered the third attempt and the fourth point of the bonus jumped from 12–10 to 24–10 and the tension subsided.

Scotland has changed a lot since losing to Ireland last week with eight tries and a few records – the highest result in the era of six countries and the biggest win over Italy.

The Italian team completed its sixth consecutive tournament, surpassing its record: the highest points awarded in the Six Nations era, 239, the highest since its inception in 2000, and won 34 attempts. Italy’s winning streak has expanded to 32 games.

The Blues have narrowed their cause with three yellow cards – briefly dropped to 13 in the second half – born of desperation without the ball instead of dirt.

At halftime, Scotland’s 24–10 lead could still be defeated, but Italy were far worse. There was no pressure from the Scottish side – they were humiliated by Ireland last week – and their home display allows the home owners to move and place the ball. Italy wasted 49, 49 more in the game at the end of the match – an amount that other teams could lose during the entire tournament.

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Italy captain Luca Peggy scored from the offensive line in the sixth minute, with Scotland repeating a move similar to their prostitute, first-time starter David Cherry.

Duhan was van der Merwe after breaking 50 yards from center through Duhan Jones Center, and Jones delivered the last pass to fielder Darcy Graham to score after a break by Cherry of midfield and Sean Maitland Was.

Graham Montana came out of the air with a brilliant interception from Evan, but recovered to start a rebound that ended up blowing Jones into the columns.

Scotland scored five minutes into the first half, off Cher’s second attempt away from the front line.

Italy then faced a yellow card to Sebastian Negri to take the ball out of the hands of Hamish Watson, and snatch part-time Scotland captain and flylife Stuart Hogg.

Scotland added their own effort to archive Scream Scott Steele, Johnson and Van der Merwe for a second time. But not when the teams returned to 15 for 15.

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