Scotland, Boli Bolingoli Violates Quarantine: Premlata May Be Suspended

Scotland, Boli Bolingoli Violates Quarantine: Premlata May Be Suspended

Romelu Lukaku’s cousin, Boli Bolingoli, did not go into quarantine after a ‘secret’ visit to Spain. Love for suspension.

Boli Bolingoli-Mbibo Is at the center of controversy Scotland. Player of CelticIn addition to Romelu Lukaku’s cousins, those who break the camel’s back may prevent Scottish premiership.

We rebuild in order. Celtic alert, not player, left for Spain for the journey. On his return to Scotland he did not observe any quarantine period, as he should have done. Then, on the other hand, he played the championship match on Sunday Kilmarnock.

His attitude was revealed and the Celtic club went into a furious situation, so much so that he issued a stern statement against the player in the morning. These are the most important parts.

“Celtic informally condemns and apologizes for the behavior of player Bolingoli in a trip to Spain without informing the club and does not comply with quarantine restrictions. It is difficult to imagine more irresponsible action under current circumstances. The club will take a step. ” Immediate action through our disciplinary processes. Our entire squad has been tested by tampons twice since this incident and everyone, including the player in question, has been tested negative. While this is a relief for all concerned, it does not diminish in any way the seriousness or stupidity of the player’s actions. “

But it was not just Celtic that a rampage went on. In fact, both the Scottish Government and the Federation no longer accept the behavior of many players in the league. In fact, this is only the latest case to condemn, given that out of eight players a few days agoAberdeen They went to a pub without respecting the security distance.

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Now the Scottish Championship is indeed at risk at the behest of the Government and the Federation. Clubs are working to find a less rigorous solution.


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