Scotland – Call of Independence

Scotland - Call of Independence

Scotland describes an attitude towards life, it stands for the struggle for freedom, closeness to nature and hospitality. Exciting history and unique landscapes, these are the elements that shape life in Scotland. There is hardly any other country in Europe where tradition and modernity are so close together, and history can be felt so intensely in everyday life.

For six months Geron Romer was on the trail of the Scottish myth with his camera. In their new live report “Scotland – Call of Freedom” on Sunday, November 14 at 5 p.m. at Eve Parish Hall, fascinating landscapes are the focus of nature photographers. For his photographs he traverses the largest swamp in Europe, climbs the highest mountain in Great Britain and paddles in a kayak from the west to the east coast of Scotland.

In addition to bagpipes, whiskey and kilts, he meets quirky types for whom the country provides enough room for his unusual life. In the middle of winter in the remote Shetland Islands, he experiences a mysterious fire festival that dates back to the time of the Vikings.

This live report is presented using the latest HDAV technology.

Preview December: “Patagonia – A Year of Adventures at the End of the World” is on schedule at Eve Parish Hall on Friday, December 3 at 7.30 pm. Photographer and journalist Peter Gebhardt (GEO, Stern) traveled to the southern tip of South America for a full year. An extreme scenario in which heaven and hell are very close together.

Advance sales for both events: Papier Schmidt, Sport Ludwig, City Hall Tourist Information. More information and tickets online: 3G+ applies (vaccination, recovery, PCR test).

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