Scotland celebrates New Year with drone show on Edinburgh (video)

Scotland celebrates New Year with drone show on Edinburgh (video)

Residents of the Scottish capital were able to enjoy a spectacular show from their windows.

The celebration of the end of 2020 was particularly complex. Because of the coronovirus, many events have gone out of the way, in order to avoid congestion. But in Edinburgh, a choice was made not to cancel the Hogmanay festival in Edinburgh with a trick. To celebrate the new year as it should be, the show was made to move across the sky, with a real drone ball above the Scottish capital. A magical representation.

” it is us ”

At night, these devices were raised above the city for a series of figures. These were varied and varied, for example a smiley, a deer, a whale or an eye. Referred to as “Farewell,” by 2020, the show was produced by artist Gary Wilson. It wanted to represent in a Scottish sky “what we may or may not do in 2020”.

Other Scottish areas were also able to enjoy the spectacle even in the most isolated areas. Messages of hope are also written by drones, such as ” We are one, 2021 “. Edinburgh also performed fireworks during the transition to the new year, so that 2020 would be discontinued.

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