Scotland challenges London: European flag is displayed in public buildings

Scotland challenges London: European flag is displayed in public buildings

Britain has not been part of the European Union for a few months now, but Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon has decided that the European Union flag will continue flying alongside the Scottish on the country’s public buildings. The British one, Union Jack, will be screened only once a year, commemorating the day that reminds of the fall of all wars.

The initiative, known in the government’s policy text, has not caused some dissatisfaction among the more conservative members of the Scottish Parliament: “The United Kingdom – said Dean Lockhart, Murali’s representative – has left the European Union, so the decision comes as Nicola Scottish Government Buildings But Sturgeon’s staff have no meaning in displaying the EU flag. It simply refuses to accept the results of the Scottish National Party’s referendum and focuses only on constitutional issues at the expense of more important priorities But we should not be surprised. Like all nationalists, Sturgeon also suffers from flags.

After rejecting the 2014 independence referendum, the Scots may soon be called for a new vote.

Joe intends to call Sturgeon and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson are determined not to agree, as this time it could actually cause Scotland to pull out of Britain. In the meantime, we move from one place to another and the flag is decided upon, which will surely annoy the British the most. “The EU flag – a government spokesman told the Daily Mail – is displayed to reflect the strong will of the people of Scotland to remain in Europe and as a sign of solidarity with thousands of EU citizens” Want a union with Scotland despite Brexit ”.

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Hence the European flag will be displayed every day with Saltaire, the Scottish flag with a gray cross on a blue field, dating back to the 9th century and one of the oldest flags in the world, certainly by a nation The oldest flag used. It is said that on the eve of a battle with the Angles, King us Dengus II dreamed of Saint Andrew, who was martyred on a Dickes Cross, and then won the battle as did Constantine at Million Bridge. happened. The St. Andrew’s Cross thus became a symbol of Scotland, and later in 1606 the English joined St. George’s Cross, red on a white field, the Union Jack, to form the British flag. But the two martyrs together on that magnificent banner, though the saints never managed to get on very well.


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