Scotland confuses the bald linesman with the Inverness robot cam ball. Video

  Scotland confuses the bald linesman with the Inverness robot cam ball.  Video

We are confronted with the classic news that, if we were at a carnival instead of Halloween, not a single one would investigate. But no, this is no joke. Actually, let’s call it Mockery of technology: We are in scotland where we play Inverness-Eyre United, Scottish Championship. The hosts, a club with a certain local reputation, have equipped themselves to broadcast home games through a Robotic camera system: The lack of use of a human (classic cameraman) led to an unexpected event. Last Saturday, the system set up to follow the ball’s trajectory was sent to the hover by the bald head of the assistant referee. On more than one occasion, the audience found themselves in front of the field of competence, losing the functions of the game. And the commentator apologized for the technical inconvenience, reported on Twitter by some users.

A playwright for midfield? Better a cameraman

Shraddha, who plays in the second division this year but claims multiple involvement in Scottish Premiership in her history, is spoken for Media own goal. At least on the pitch, the match with Air United was not lost: the final result 1–1. A tip for the next purchase campaign However, it is very important: more than a director, here you need a cameraman!

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