Scotland created a sensational feat by achieving the feat of victory in England

Scotland created a sensational feat by achieving the feat of victory in England

Scotland had not won at Twickenham since 1983. The black series ended this Saturday (6–11), thanks to a major feat by Thistle’s XV, extremely concrete to celebrate the 150 years of the Calcutta Cup, traditionally held in these Opposes both teams. After a day in this 2021 tournament, the defending champions are already in trouble. It won’t escape France…

The Scotsman is said to be stingy, but he certainly isn’t stingy with his efforts. Disappointed with XV de la Rose in 2020He was exceedingly generous in imposing himself, at the end of his strength and mystery, in the face of a surprisingly feverish and barren England.

After half an hour of play, England took a 0-8 lead. England, who did not see the ball, kept the line, teeth and buttocks on defense tightly. England was dominated by only one team from Scotland which has not won at Twickenham for 38 years. Who would have believed so?

Yet it is the face, unrecognizable, that presents Rose’s XV for entry into the tournament. Of course, Eddie Jones’s men are a complete failure but there are thirty players on the field. And the other fifteen recite almost perfect rugby for 30 minutes. All that is missing is a hint of realism for the “Scottish” to stick with their neighbors for good.

If they keep their willingly playful side, the Scots have made adjustments that are effective to say the least. Every gesture is precise, every pass is precise, there is no longer a sense of improvement when you watch Russell and his family grow. In short, XV du Chardon plays extremely fair. Opener Racing (6th) a penalty, then a Test while winger van der Merwe (30th) power of the press where it hurts the English spine.

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But we know the animal so well that even if it is injured, it remains dangerous. Without proposing anything or almost, she would rely on some minor Scottish defections and a temporary excommunication of Russell, to fill the gap. Two kicks from Farrell thus bring Rose’s XV to two points just before the break (6-8). Really cheap pay for Scotland. disease extent.

However, a hundred times on the job, XV du Chardon gives his job. Not as impressive at the start of the match, the eternal Stuart Hogg teammates, soaked in the smell of the impending feat, don’t leave an inch of the ground, fight every ball, clinging to any Englishman who comes to the boundary of the tackle. inside.

This cruelty is enough. Faced with an England that had no choice but to try to force their way, Grey’s teammates carry on the feat to celebrate the 150th Calcutta Cup anniversary with dignity. If pubs are closed by mid-February, requiring confinement, we imagine beer will flow freely in the homes of the most loyal Scottish supporters.


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