Scotland: Discovering a Formal Site Dating to the Neolithic

Scotland: Discovering a Formal Site Dating to the Neolithic

Using laser scanning technology, archaeologists have discovered traces of a Neolithic Ceremonial site on the Isle of Arran called a “course”. For the first time on Scottish Island.

With 432 km2, the Isle of Arran alone presents a stunning summary Terrible landscape. Praised for its succulent nature, it also has many archaeological sites. And it seems that the Isle of Arran has not yet revealed all its secrets! Scottish newspaper Scotsman Reveals that a team of archaeologists made an extraordinary discovery in Tormore, west of the island. Thanks to an aerial laser scanning technique, scientists observed the emergence of the remains of a “course”, a Neolithic ceremonial tract. A monument which until now was believed to be connected only to the east coast of the island.

A unique site on the Isle of Arran

Courses were generally defined by long lines of wooden posts, a huge rectangle was constructed, and these ceremonial passages were among the most spectacular features of the Neolithic Age. They may have served as a procedural path, some were also ignited during ceremonies. According to archaeologists estimates, the monument found on the Isle of Arran is more than a kilometer long.

The memorial site was discovered after these two parallel lines, marked with red arrows, were captured by laser scans of the Aran landscape HES / Dave Cowley

A fascinating discovery that surprised scientists, it is actually the only known monument of this type on the island. “I think if you asked the team what they think is most likely on Aran, I’m sure no one would say the Neolithic curriculum. (…) There is no one else on Aran, it is unique on the island, another one in Kilmartin Glen and is about to head for the west coastDave Cowley, head of archaeological mapping program Historical Environment Scotland.

A discovery that calls for others

For archaeologists, this discovery indicates that other monuments of this type could have been built elsewhere on the island. These constructions are done in wood, they are difficult to find today and excavation work should be started. “This adds a new dimension to what Neolithic archeology on Arran can tell us. It’s like finding a whole new layer in a box of chocolates with new things in them!Dave Cowley said. He located the site after identifying two lines of three inches running for a mile.They were very careful with the way this monument was deployed. There was probably a superstructure here but we wouldn’t be sure without digging“, he said.

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