Scotland disputes the possibility of paying with facial recognition

Scotland disputes the possibility of paying with facial recognition

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The prospect of being able to pay in school canteens by scan and facial recognition triggered a series of controversy in Scotland. The measure was adopted on the grounds of a health emergency due to the pandemic.

Payment via facial recognition: now possible in Scotland

A few days after the announcement by Moscow regarding the use of facial recognition Now the same technology will be adopted in nine schools in the metro. North Ayrshire In Scotland i take out canteen payment by students.

The system was designed and installed by CRB Cunningham, and the choice fell on this technology to reduce queues and how anti covid measures, because students will no longer have to touch the previously used fingerprint scanner.

Scotland, Pay with facial recognition: how it works

Given the enormous doubts that have arisen about this new technology already existing in nine Scottish schools, CRB Cunningham wanted to clarify system working Facial Scan: When the student approaches the camera, the system compares the “digital signature” obtained from the facial features to the “digital signature” stored on the server, proceeding with identification. According to the company that installed the system, It will take about 25 minutes to serve 1,000 students.

Scotland, paying with facial recognition: the privacy controversy

However, 97% of parents of students attending one of the schools participating in the initiative have consented to the use of this technology, Controversy on the question of privacy and data privacy There was no shortage of them. Specifically, it relies on the fact that the company collects biometric data of minors.

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In response, CRB Cunningham explained how the data is protected. 256-bit AES encryption And unsubscribe when student leaves school. In any case, it is possible to request deletion of the data at any time and use PIN authentication.


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