Scotland doubles its border presence with England after a travel ban from the rest of the UK

Scotland doubles its border presence with England after a travel ban from the rest of the UK

Boris Johnson and England’s principal scientific advisor Sir Patrick Valence reported that the spread of a new, highly contagious version of Kovid-19 has led to a rapid increase in infections in London and the south-east of England.

Scotland’s Police Chief Lane Livingstone said “highly visible patrols” on the roads would be used to “deter anyone considering violating coronovirus travel restrictions”.

Some exceptions to the prohibition are allowed for essential purposes.

In a statement, Livingstone said it would not be “appropriate or proportionate for officials to set out checkpoints or barriers to enforce travel restrictions.”

“Today I authorized to double my operational presence in the border areas of Scotland,” Livingstone said.

“These highly visible patrols will be actively deployed on our road network so that drivers and vehicles are fit to drive.

“The patrol will bar anyone from considering violating coronavirus travel restrictions at night.”

Mr Livingstone said he expected the roads to be “quieter than usual” in the next few days.

He said: “During this public health crisis, we have made it clear that you have a police department to support our collective effort to fight coronovirus.

What are the new Christmas rules?

“While the rules have changed frequently and sometimes, officers and employees will continue to work with their fellow citizens with common sense, sympathy and discretion to keep everyone safe.

“This is the public consensus from which the Scottish Police derive their legitimacy.

“As our communities expect, where officers face firm, continuous or major violations, we will act decisively to enforce the law.”

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After announcing a strict travel ban, Ms Sturgeon said she would talk to police and transport operators about how this ‘strict beef’ could happen.

The Prime Minister said that the news distributed “makes me want to cry”, adding: “I share this fatigue and the feeling of morale dampening.”


Police officers at St Pancras station in London, and more London stations are expected to be deployed to enforce travel regulations

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He said: “If it were not for this new tension, I would not announce it now because the level of our case – the level of approach we have taken because of it – is quite stable.”

“This is a preventive action because we know that there is a tension with fast transmission and hence we are working preventively.

“Everything we’ve learned about this virus, you say you do it – you act quickly and you have no regrets later, and that’s what we want to do.”

John Lamont, Conservative MP for Scotland Berwickshire, Roxburgh and Selkirk, needed more clarity.

“The Scottish Government and the Scottish Police should ensure that travel restrictions are clear to avoid any public misunderstanding,” he said.


“It is clear that this virus does not respect boundaries, but has always received many exemptions to allow safe and necessary travel for legitimate reasons, and we need to know if it has changed.”

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