Scotland easily sports OA to Georgia

Scotland easily sports OA to Georgia

Scotland won the first official Test match in Europe after the Kovid-19 explosion and clearly won against Georgia. Guests in Edinburgh protested a little more than a time, but then had to give in to the technical superiority of their opponents.

Ready, Go and Scotland go to goal. Punishment, touch Darcy Graham takes the oval and sinks into the round. The hosts insist, while Georgia is in pain, but manage to protect and lift a wall in front of their area. By 26 ‘, when Fraser Brown, once again starting with a maul, dipped to 12-0. A few more minutes pass The trio arrived at the age of 32, this time signed by Hamish Watson. Georgia is at the mercy of Scotland, eventually they will face a fourth try, but TMO, the Italian friend, cancels and rests 17–0.

Finally at the beginning of recovery Georgia comes under attack and four minutes later Tabastatsdje’s goal Who can reopen the match. Or give confusion. Since 50 ‘Fraser gives an encore in brown With the same goal as the first half. Scottish maul harms again at game time The Georgian Pack Can Do Nothing and Stuart McInally Goes To Goals 29-7 Partial. Guests are still on their knees69 ‘also scored Duhan van der Merwe, with a good action by Finn Russell. But that’s not all, because Darcy Graham gives himself an encore And when it is finished Blair Kinghorn also signs up for the partyMarks Scotland’s eighth goal and closes the match 4 .- 48.

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