Scotland ends almost all rules on 21 March

Case numbers rise sharply in Scotland

Scotland also wants to do away with almost all CoV regulations after a good month in neighboring England. From 21 March, there should be no more state-mandated measures, as Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon said yesterday in parliament in Edinburgh. However, he emphasized that the regional government subsequently recommends wearing masks in shops and on local public transport. The requirement to show proof of vaccination for major events and discos expires on February 28. The business representatives welcomed the plans.

Focus on future vaccinations and treatments

Sturgeon said Scotland would rely on vaccination and treatment rather than regulations. Rules on self-isolation for those infected will fall this Thursday in England – and thus the final government requirement. However, Sturgeon emphasized that the obligation to isolate after a positive test in Scotland will remain in place for the time being.

Health policy in the UK is a matter of regional governments. Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have always taken a slightly more cautious path than the largest part of England, for which the central government in London decides.

Sturgeon criticized British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s announcement that he would end free COVID testing in England from 1 April. Scotland also wants to offer a free trial of the latter. But she is still waiting for information on what the central government is funding for this, Sturgeon said.

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