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Edinburgh, Scotland, April 20 /PRNewswire/

With the new Witches Trail, VisitScotland invites visitors to discover dark legends and truly magical places, and learn to live like a modern-day witch in Scotland.

The idea of ​​witchcraft has always had an important place in Scottish history, from ancient legends to some of the most popular films and television series today. There are now tales of witches going on in Scotland year of stories 2022 with new witch mark Created by VisitScotland, which highlights 15 places for visitors to visit across the country throughout the year.

With 2022 the year of stories and just before Halloween, there is no better time to delve into the rich stories surrounding witches. Visitors can expect a variety of places and attractions that relate to witches in various ways – in addition to historical destinies, they also include a special love of nature and a modern view of the subject.

A small selection of magical places on the new route:

  • Abbotsford: The home of the author Sir Walter Scott, abbotsford, is the rarest and most important collection of books on witchcraft. Visitors to the stunning library can still see his cherished “Witch Corner” today.
  • Strathspire Story Walk: with Strathspie Storywalk It passes through forests and paths through the beautiful Cairngorms National Park. Guide Sarah helps visitors honor the memory of the so-called witches by connecting them to the calming voices in the landscape.
  • Eastern Nuke Seaweed: Seaweed holds an important place in the traditional healing arts of Scotland and was most likely used by wise women of yesteryear. Eastern Nuke Seaweed Fife offers a variety of practical workshops at coastal locations in the area, highlighting the healing properties and nutritional value of these sea vegetables.
  • Glen Dye School of Wild Wellness and Bushcraft: visitors of Glen Dye School of Wild Wellness and Bushcraft There is an opportunity to immerse yourself in all that the magical Aberdeenshire countryside has to offer. Perfect to experience the healing powers of Mother Nature.
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