Scotland: Gerrard feels good in Glasgow

Steven Gerrard manager Glasgow Rangers

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Glasgow Rangers manager Steven Gerrard, whose name is often associated with Liverpool and a managerial position currently occupied by Jurgen Klopp, said he wanted to stay with the Scottish club for a long time.

In the comments made on Sky sports, Steven Gerrard confirms his attachment to a club in which he has achieved his rank against local rival Celtic Glasgow: “I passed through Liverpool and made my career in Liverpool, which I am very proud of. It is a club like there are very few in the world. There are a lot of similarities with Liverpool” First hinted at the former midfielder.

Gerrard is now very involved with the Rangers

To add more: “I’m happy here, I have to make a lot of family sacrifices, but I want more. It gave me a taste for more and I’m determined to build on that.” Steven Gerrard is under contract with Rangers By 2024, Klopp signed his extension to Liverpool after signing his new contract on the same day. Both will be freed in the same year, sparking speculation that the former midfielder will take over from the Premier League and Champions League winning coaches. But Steven Gerrard’s words on Saturday indicate that he intends to stay north of the border for some time.

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