Scotland gives fifth defeat to Italy

Scotland gives fifth defeat to Italy

Before their last match in France the following Friday, Scotland won better than Italy (52–10), ending the 6-nation tournament for the sixth time with a wooden spoon.

Italy could not save the honor. After four defeats in their first four outings in the 2021 6 Nations tournament, Squadra Azura hopes to end on a good note during their visit to Murrayfield. From the 7th minute, the wish was fulfilled with Italian captain Luca Biggie, who ended the victory with a carried ball that pushed the Scottish defense back. But XV du Shardon, initially surprised, took just four minutes to react through his hooker David Cherry, who also corrected the ball with a well-placed touch.

A blow to the head of the Italians, which did not last, as Duhan van der Merwe made a second Scottish attempt in the wake of this. Following Paolo Garbisi’s reaction to the penalty, Italy finished at fourteen, with Federico Mori getting a yellow card for an erratic tack on Sam Johnson. Over ten minutes saw Squadra Azura concede two tries and an offensive bonus in seven minutes. Following an achievement by Darcy Graham, Hugh Jones was invited to the party to allow Chardon’s XV to score a five-point victory at the half-hour mark. Led by fourteen lengths at the break, the Italians again faced the Scottish waves on recovery.

It also took only four minutes to see David Cherry double sign in this meeting, once again ending the task of undermining his forward. Sebastian Negri left the pitch for ten minutes in the 52nd minute, paying the indiscipline of his teammates. This made it possible to open the blanks which Scott Steele took advantage of at the end of the scrum two minutes later to make the extra bit more difficult. A little over a quarter of an hour before the end of the meet, on a hand-played penalty five meters from the Italian in-goal, Sam Johnson went on to record XV du Chardon’s seventh attempt but the Scots did not stop there. Huh. At the start of the final ten minutes, Duhan van der Merwe signed his double to allow Scotland to sign a second success in four games (52–10) and temporarily take second in the standings. For Italy, submerged in the second period, a fifth defeat in as many games as a wooden spoon and a zero point in the standings is unavoidable.

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6 nations tournament 2021 / day 5
Saturday 20 March 2021
Scotland – Italy: 52–10
17h45: Ireland – England
21 hours: France – Wales

1- Wales 19 points
2- Scotland 11
3- Ireland 11
4- France 10
5- England 10
6- Italy 0


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