Scotland has passed legislation guaranteeing sanitary pads … – News

Scotland has passed legislation guaranteeing sanitary pads ... - News

Free sanitary pads in scotland “Anyone Who Needs It”. The scottish parliament is actually Unanimously approved the “Period Products (Free Provisions) (Scotland) Bill”The first provision in the world by law to provide free access to hygienic products for the menstrual cycle.

In this way, local authorities will have to provide free sanitary pads, tampons and cups to the women they need.

Each of Scotland’s 32 administrative divisions will be able to choose how to enforce the law, but must provide sanitary pads or options “reasonably easily” and “with reasonable discretion” to all women who request them .

It is a definite acceptance of the law that was already there. Approved for the first time last February.

Was offered by MP Monica Lennon, Who triumphantly announced the receipt of their project on Twitter.

“A day for Scotland is a sign of pride and free and universal access to menstrual products to the rest of the world,” Lennon said.

The “Period Products (Free Provision) (Scotland) Bill” is a response to the so-called “period poverty” of the British country, the hardship faced by many women To bear monthly expenses for sanitary towels and cycle related products: It has been calculated that an average of 8 pounds can be spent per month in Scotland, equivalent to around 9 euros. A statistic that significantly impacts low-income people.

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A survey reported by the BBC actually showed that one in 4 girls could not access these products due to economic reasons, despite that VAT was already at 5%.

To be fair, the Scottish Government was already ahead of most European countries, as it had already guaranteed free sanitary pads in schools and universities, but now sports clubs, local authorities and women to clean up 9.2 million. Pounds have a good budget. Products are available.

And in Italy? In our country we are still far behind on this front. In fact, after years of fighting, a small goal has been achieved, that is VAT reduced from 22% to 5%, mother Only on absorbent and biodegradable products.


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