Scotland headlines at Roger-Ruel College in Saint-Didier-en-Vallay

Scotland headlines at Roger-Ruel College in Saint-Didier-en-Vallay

Scotland was in the spotlight at Roger-Ruel College in Saint-Didier-en-Valle to mark St Andre. Let’s celebrate St. Andrew’s Day!

Scotland of the 6e1 surname mac liadron Students at Roger Potter College were in the spotlight on Tuesday, November 30, the national holiday of Scots, which celebrates St. Andrews as their patron saint. At the initiative of François Baldino, aka Mrs. Baldonagal, at the core of the Roger Potter project, the event led to a number of activities during the day.

Scottish Roundup on Nathan Evans’ song “The Wellerman”

Roger Potter trembled at the sound of college sea ​​shack (Sailor’s Song) for a Scottish round by Nathan Evans led by the “prefects” of the five houses of The Wellerman Roger Potter College (see Hat Ceremony article) and joined by several students in the early morning hours and afternoons.

The event took place behind the scenes or even in the kitchen where the entire team of Chef Patrice worked tirelessly to offer Scottish food whatever the challenge was thrown at them. Thus the students were able to get a taste of the proper meaning of Scottish culture!

A Journey for the Taste Buds

On the menu: “Coleslaw”, “Haggis” revisited with “Neeps and Tatties” (Nivets and Potatoes) and “Cranachan” with Dessert (whipped cream, raspberry oatmeal, honey). All that was missing was a touch of whiskey to complete the journey….

in the afternoon, princes The folding of Scottish plaid (the ancestor of the kilt) was performed as it was known as 16. was worn inth century buy Highlanders. An opportunity to describe its usefulness and its development up to its present form.

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The day was an opportunity for sixth graders to research the historical and geographical aspects of Scotland. Thus the actions of Mack Liadron were demonstrated in themselves.

Another meeting in the midst of the coming seasons…

There will be a final quiz in English during the second inter-term meeting to be held at the Roger Potter School on December 16. among others an event even more physical Highland Games Wait for our young wizards …

At the same time, a sewing workshop for tams- (Scottish beret) To be held in college to perfect the outfits of our young magicians.

And then, it’s decided, Camille MacLeadron will go to Scotland with her family next summer. She convinced her parents and she is not alone. Who knows ?


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