Scotland instead of Strünkedestraße – District League A. I’m in everyday life

This is everyday life in Strunkedstrae - District League A rather than Scotland.

Away games for SV Hochlar 28, home matches for FC Leusberg and FC 96. Teams in the Recklinghausen A District League are hoping for points.

He has a break over the weekend: Hoechler’s Kevin Portman is injured again. Meanwhile, Hillerheide’s captain Ridwan türk (right) is to serve a red card suspension. © Jochen Boerger

At SV Höchler 28, coach Thomas Mlodoc once again needs to replace his team in the game at Borussia Ahsen. Kevin Portman has once again caught it in the thigh. Jan Matena is also not fit. There is also no green signal from Felix Matena, which will probably come up again in a week. Luka Malik, who was still playing in the other team a week ago, should move to the central defence.

With FC Leusberg and GW Erkenschwick, the two teams meet who had imagined a different start. Bayern fan Maurice Kuhn and his fellow coach Thomas Sinovic (GWE) like to travel Europe with their “Reds”. They sat in the stands at Celtic Park in Glasgow in 2018, crossing their fingers for FC Bayern in the Champions League.

Pfeiffer and Cinderen are back on board

But now Strunkedstrae instead of Scotland: the duel currently against the last. However, the table does not reflect reality at all, admits Maurice Kuhn, who can once again rely on Robin Pfeiffer and Oliver Cinder. Most recently, there was a short-lived agreed-upon Test match at the Oberliga club Westphalia Hern (0:10).

Table leaders FC 96 DJK are looking to continue their good run against SPVGG. Coach Mykola Makarchuk’s eleven revealed his offensive prowess in an 8–0 victory at Mekinghoven.


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