Scotland is due to vote on independence in 2023

Case numbers rise sharply in Scotland

Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon wants her compatriots to vote again in the autumn of 2023 on whether Scotland should become an independent state.

A related referendum on separation from the United Kingdom should take place on October 19, 2023, Sturgeon announced yesterday in the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh. “The time has come to put Scotland on the right track. The time for freedom has come.”

2014 referendum ended negative

In a referendum in 2014, a majority of 55 percent voted to remain in Britain. However, this was before Brexit, which was rejected by the northernmost part of the UK with a clear majority (62 per cent). So supporters of independence are hopeful that the situation will change if there is another vote.

Actually, such a vote requires the approval of the British government. However, till now he has refused. However, if necessary, Sturgeon intends to frame the issue of the vote so that it can be conducted legally without such consent. Legal disputes are practically settled.

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