Scotland is wary of the blues, even Kovid has denied it

Scotland is wary of the blues, even Kovid has denied it

Will play, won’t play? Opposite with which team? The Scots do not want to be “distracted” by the uncertainties surrounding their match for the third day of the Six Nations tournament on Sunday against France at XV, as they are wary despite the absence due to Kovid.

Scottish center Chris Harris said in a video conference from Edinburgh on Tuesday, “It’s not for all players. You just have to focus on the game and make sure it’s not a distraction.”

Ten players and four members of the French management have tested positive for Kovid since the start of last week due to a possible adjournment of the tournament’s organizing committee meeting on Wednesday.

If this happens – a choice that favors their federation – XV du Chardon players make sure they are wary of the Blues, even depriving them of many officials, including scrum half Antoine DuPont or Captain Charles Olivan is also included.

“There is a huge reservoir in French rugby,” remarked, knowingly, Richie Gray, who played under the shirt of Castres and Toulouse.

The 31-year-old second-line takes it as evidence of the recent Autumn Nations Cup, during which French employees were forced to undergo a major staff review because of an agreement between the Federation and the league on the update to international level Was available .

Despite the absence of most of its common holders, France’s XV lost in the final against England.

Richie Gray said, “Look, what they did against England in the fall. Everyone was talking about Team C and they almost won at Twinham.”

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The author of a historic win in England on the first day of the tournament before losing to Wales, the Scots have not beaten the Blues since 1999 at the Blade de France.


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