Scotland-Italy 52-10, Azzurri kicks off Six Nations with fifth knockout

Scozia-Italia 52-10, azzurri chiudono il Sei Nazioni col quinto ko

Edinburgh (Scotland) (Italpress) – Italergabi shut down the Six Nations and were forgotten with a fifth defeat in as many games. On the lawns of Murrayfield in Edinburgh, Scotland’s den, Franco Smith’s XV fails to survive the eleventh spoon of wood in its history, the sixth in a row: the Highlanders are actually pitted for 52-10, the Azurri’s 32nd consecutive knockout. In the tournament condemning. Still, it is Azurri who starts with his head down and breaks through the British Maginot line with Captain Biggie at 6. Garbisi puts him in a phase of change and is served 0–7. Scotland pays with the same coin and draws the score with Cherry at 10 ‘, but without getting additional points from Hoag. The Scottish captain redeemed himself in the 13th minute, converting exactly the goal of van der Merwe, who gets the accolade and then misses without worry. Italy struggles in defense and, at 19 ‘, after a spot by Garbisi, they find themselves with a lesser man for a yellow card to be dealt illegally by Mori. Scotland takes advantage of the chance and at the age of 21 makes a three of a kind with Graham (the hog does not transform). The Blues try to break out of the British grip but, at 28 ‘, it is up to Jones to fly towards the white line. The home opening collides 24–10 with the AC leading to the match interval. At the start of the second half, Scotland widened the gap by hitting a big target with Cherry, who gets his brace using Maul’s work. The hog hits the goalposts and it is late night for Italy, as 11am ‘Yellow repeatedly comes to Negri for a series of fouls. Townsend replaces the entire front line and the music does not change, as Steele is celebrating 14 ‘and the Hogs participate in football with precision. Moral: For 38–10 Highlanders, who find themselves with double superiority for a card given to Ioane for a tack on the ‘Hog at 20’. Italy, practically disoriented, is ripped again by Johnson and van der Merwe. The hog knows his stuff and the final 52-10 seems like a difficult lesson for the Azzurri.

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