Scotland: light on a massive Highlands afforestation project

Scotland: light on a massive Highlands afforestation project

The initiative, led by the Moray-based Trees for Life Association, follows three years of on-the-ground consultations to garner support from as many landowners and communities as possible. The project now involves six organizations and 20 landlords whose objective is to “a large nature recovery area“, which will include Glens (Valleys) Canich, Afrique, Morrison and Sheel. So there are plans to plant trees, improve river corridors, restore peatlands and implement agricultural practices that respect nature.

,Rewilding is a term that people define differently. For some, it’s wolves and bears. For Trees For Life, It’s About Earth And What It Could TakeAlan McDonnell, conservation manager and project leader for Trees for Life, told The Guardian.In ten years, I expect to see significant changes… In particular, I want to see more forests along rivers, which will increase the lives of insects, help fish species and promote rich river ecosystems., ”, he says. Among the species that will benefit from the project, we can specifically mention: salmon, trout, osprey and otter But also the golden eagle, the black alligator, the short-eared owl and the mountain hare.

encourage the participation of local actors

The initiative covers an area of ​​more than 200,000 hectares, but at the moment, only a quarter of Africa hilly terrain Feather Scotland The project is effectively managed by the people involved. Alan McDonnell called on local actors, who rely on traditional land management practices, to convince them that their livelihoods are in no danger of being ruined, as was the case with other similar projects. UK.

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,We are primarily driven by the nature that flows from it, but that doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate everything that flows from it, whether it’s business and job creation opportunities, or natural capital and Have the ability to monetize it. There are many ways to make better use of land and increase what it can offer.The objective of this project is to help individuals to get funding from the government and other sources for green initiatives on their land, so that they can benefit financially.

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