“Scotland may return very soon” to EU, crying from the heart of the former Scottish MEP

Getting divorced after 47 years together is not easy. It is a painful experience that the European Union and the United Kingdom are going through. They still have not reached an agreement just days before their final separation, an agreement that is specifically required to redefine trade rules between the two entities, once the British have decided by European treaties The ones made are abandoned.

The British voted to leave the Union in 2016

But by the end these tough negotiations seem to strengthen solidarity between the 27 member states. It looks at Spanish MEP Antonio López-Istúrís White (PPE), who welcomes the work of Michel Barnier: “This is what the chief negotiator for the European Union has achieved while maintaining unity. , The key to our success, as the UK has always tried to play on continental divisions, and this is the first time it has not worked. He is happy with the solidarity displayed, whether on the thorny issue of fishing or even on the border with Ireland.

“We will not accept any agreement”

At the time of the final bargaining, many British Prime Ministers want to convey a message of perseverance to Boris Johnson. This is the case of Pascal Durand, who remembers that we are “in talks, but also in times of power struggle. “The French MEP (Renew Europe) is on the same line as that expressed by Emmanuel Macron, the President of the Republic:” We will not validate any agreement, we will not accept an agreement that violates the rights of citizens, Those outlining competition law or more, which would endanger the economy of 27 countries. You have to be very clear. A position is widely shared on the benches of the European Parliament which will eventually have to decide on the agreement, if it concludes.

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“Scotland may return very quickly” to Union.

And if the risk of a “no-deal” is not to be dismissed, Scottish MEP Christian Allard calls on the European Union to “keep your cool and think about Northern Ireland and Scotland,” European feeling Nation “. Former MEP and Scottish Independence Party members recall that their country voted 62% to remain in the European Union. A few days ago, the Scottish Prime Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, declared to be “never so sure” as to achieve his country’s independence. A scenario is still fictitious for the moment but which would allow Scotland to re-enter the European Union for the European Union: “Scotland can return very quickly” to the Union.

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