Scotland, MEPs take oath in Shona language in parliament

chapman scozia

Rome – language Shonafamily idiom Help spoken by about three quarters of the citizens Zimbabwe, echoed in astonishment Scottish Parliament The day the newly elected representatives were sworn in last week. The “merit”, commended by Harare newspapers, belongs to the Green MP. Maggie Chapman. The deputy recited in Afrikaans the aphorism establishing “allegiance to Queen Elizabeth and the royal family”, which is widespread in at least five countries in the southern region of the continent. chapman, Former Rector of the University of Aberdeen, later elected to the Northeast region, decided to honor her family history. Deputy was actually born in 1979 AD Harare, the then capital of Rhodesia, by a father conductor and a mother nurse. Only a year later did the African country receive formal recognition of independence from Great Britain, the former colonial power.

In favor of a referendum for independence

Waiting for Chapman in Parliament is not an easy task. It will be the first green representative since 2003 of the truly richest Scottish region in natural gas and oil fields, as well as being part of one of the two most willing government structures. hold a new referendum for independence from the United Kingdom Which is already being discussed a lot in the British media. The second is the Prime Minister’s Scottish National Party (SNP), nicola sturgeon. It seems to have left a mark in the history of the Scottish government’s legislative branch in the meantime. with him Many public representatives decided to take oath in their mother tongue Or what they use to communicate, ranging from Urdu to Alpanjabi to Sign Language.

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