Scotland: Michelin-starred restaurant opens four-day working week

the cellar

A starred restaurant in a small town in Scotland is closed three days a week and shortens its staff’s work week to ensure a more peaceful atmosphere.

In these days when Iceland is experiencing great social success four day work week, there is Starred Restaurants in Scotland who decided to do exactly that. It’s the cellar, a Michelin star in Anstruther, a small town in Fife.

The restaurant will actually allow its employees to work four days a week to enjoy a healthy work-life balance. With the move – owner Billy Boyter claims he studied during the lockdown – he wants to remove negativity in the workplace, creating a more peaceful and productive environment. The “short” work week will begin in January 2022: the restaurant will be closed on Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays, with all employees staying home.

“The well-being of our employees is critical to the longevity of the restaurant,” said Billy Boyter, explaining the reasons why he made this choice. “The sacrifices they make to ensure our guests have the best possible experience are not only about them and the way they live, but can impact the lives of their families as well, which is why we’ve rounded up four Have decided to upgrade to work week. week. days starting from January”.

[Fonte: Daily Record]

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