Scotland mourns its “patriots”

Scotland mourns its

EDINBURGH – On screen was James Bond, Secret Agent 007 “His Majesty in the Service of the British”. But in life Sean Connery He was also above all a 24-carat and “Scottish patriot”, ready to wear the kelt and wave the flag with the St. Andrews Cross, claiming Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom without any uncertainty of his land. Acquisition: Very proud to show two inscriptions at the time of his nomination to the Royal Navy as the sons of his 16-year-old arms tattooed men: “Mum and Dad” and “Scotland Forever”.

A figure whom the whole of Scotland mourns today as “one of her dearest children” is perhaps best known in the world. And which is recalled with special sentiment by the leaders of the nation’s separatist actions in the far north of the British Isles, which were beyond the limits of the Hadrian Wall at the time. Nicola Sturgeon, the head of Edinburgh’s local government and current leader of the Scottish National Party (SNP), expresses hope in a message to Boris Johnson, recalling Connery’s roots – never betrayed by Connery’s roots – ” In a working-class family “in Edinburgh:« a global legend, but first and foremost a proud Scottish patriot “.

This refers to his participation in the Battle of Distraction, which was eventually won in the 90s and culminated in the actor’s “towing” appearance at the opening of the first local Scottish Parliament; And – and more divisive – to secede from London: before and after the referendum lost by separatists, and of which Sturgeon himself would now prefer an encore in response to Brexit.

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Sir Sean, although decorated with the title of baronet by the Queen 20 years ago, “has been a standard-bearer of the independence of Scotland,” who throughout his life – notes the SNP’s first minister – and those among us Share their creed, recognize them. A debt of gratitude “. His controversial predecessor and father of the independence referendum, Alex Salmond, of whom Connery was a personal friend and by whom he favored the opening day of the 1999 Holyrode Parliamentary Assembly.

“Sean – Salmond pays tribute – was a great actor and more: a devoted patriot, a profound thinker, an extraordinary human being”. “I – he continues – has been a rare privilege to be her friend for over 30 years and enjoy every single moment of her closeness and company … Her irony and sense of humor are legendary, like her Love for our country: Scotland Forever not only had a tattoo on her arm, she was imprinted in her soul ».

More than a legitimate political claim, and not just for the role that the former Bond wanted to play in “Highlander” in 1986, a celebration of Scotland’s irrelevant and tragic secular fight for his “freedom” in which the actor assumed. The student robs Lambert’s master of immortal weapons. But for the countless evidences of the adherence to the cause of freedom due to the voice of Sir Sean.

“I believe that never before – he said in one of his latest statements on the subject – Scotland is one step away from being able to achieve independence and it should be an equal nation among others in the world”. A goal that results from the conviction of being able to guarantee a benefit and compensation for the land of their ancestors at the expense of some personal dispute and even in spite of lifestyle choices that have previously led them to Marbella, Spain, and Then was led to relocate to the Bahamas.

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The archipelago, where he died at the age of 90, was denied the certainty expressed in such a way without a single quota, when asked if he refused to slice a posh English word in Shakespearean language But he was not punished in his artistic career: “I am not English, I have never been, nor ever will be. I am a Scotsman, I have always been and always will be»


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