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  Scotland | - Television - Broadcast AZ

The world’s only beach airport is located on the small island of Bara in Outer Hebrides. The tide and wind determine the flight plan.

Lonely Island: Barra Island is located on the southern edge of the Scottish Hybridian Archipelago.

Year after year, thousands of passengers fly from the beach in an airplane. There is even an aerial fire brigade, but they mainly go out to help stranded whales and dolphins.

Loch Fyne is known for its breathtaking fjord landscape. Less well-known, but no less luxurious, is the small Bed & Breakfast-Hotel Minard Castle run by the Gare family. It has only three small rooms, but has its own private beach. The inn’s menu features oysters and shrimp, caught by the queen’s vendors, whose images are adorned in each room.

Good whiskey tastes like the sea

The aroma of Scottish whiskey reaches the sea. The warehouses in which the barrels are deposited are right on the rocks. For Scots, a good whiskey tastes like the sea: salt, iodine and seaweed provide a related note.

Prosperity through sugar

The port city of Glasgow was once considered the second richest city in the world. Last but not least, the sugar trade contributed to this wealth. Beautiful historical warehouses and tobacco shops still speak of it. The specialty of the people of the area is the special dialect, which can be spoken very well even without teeth.

Scotland and Weather

Of course, weather is always an issue in Scotland: in the Scottish language, the so-called Scots, there are over 300 words for “bad weather”. Reason enough for “mareTV” to take a look at the weather kitchen of Peterhead weather station in the far northeast.

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